9d bleeds history - ein Tagebuchprojekt in der Jahrgangsstufe 9

The Outbreak of World War I

A soldier's wife experiences the outbreak of World War I.

Another woman feels left alone at the beginning of the war.

A young soldier feels confident about fighting the French.

Another young man is euphoric.

Yet another soldier feels that the French will be defeated quickly.


World War I - The Seminal Catastrophe of the 20th Century

World War I turns out to be the first modern war: Weapons are more lethal than ever before, soldiers return home with unrecognizable faces due to the new possibilities of medical transplants, and women and children experience the war at the home front in a way unknown before.


1917 - An Epochal Year

The year 1917 turns out to be epochal: The peace treaty of Brest Litowsk is made so harsh by the German leaders that it keeps German troops in the east. The entire year is experienced as devastating in the field and at home in Germany.

1918: November Revolution in Germany

Germany has lost the war, and large parts of the  population is growing more and more dissatisfied with the monarchy in general and the Kaiser in particular. A revolution ends the Second Empire and the Kaiser has to make way for the first democracy on German soil.

Read here what Friedrich Ebert might have written down in his diary on 9th November, 1918. The Kaiser could have been writing along these lines here.

Not everybody was happy with the way things went in Germany: The Communists would have liked the revolution to continue and lead towards Communism, while the conservatives wanted to stop it and return to a Germany as it was before the war.

Many women, however, hoped for a chance to preserve the achievements of emancipation they had gained during the war.